About us


Victor Kamaiev

General Director of the Science Park

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Andrii Shysholin

Vice President of the Science Park

Ph.D., Head of foreign economic activity office of International Collaboration Department
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Bogdan Andriitsev

President of the Science Park

General principles

Corporation “Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” – is a legal entity that was created by the initiative of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” for purposes of organization, coordination and management of such process as commercialization of university research.

Science park was created to promote and support science, technology and innovation activities of the university, effective and efficient use of existing scientific potential of logistics for the commercialization of research and implementation in domestic and foreign markets.

The Law of Ukraine “On the Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika”, which was adopted in December 2006, opened the way for companies interested in cooperation with scientists, faculties and departments, obtaining know-how and attracting high-quality human capital. This law created favorable rules for media innovation. Moreover, we do not require any exemptions from the state – our strength lies in the interaction, the synergy of interaction between participants. For dry according to the law created an environment where travelers feel scientists, inventors, and at the same time, businessmen who want to associate your business with high-tech.
Corporation “Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” organizes the interaction of four stakeholder groups: the first – the science of generating know-how, the second – the faculties and departments that generate high-quality human capital, the third – the companies that are on the market of high-tech products and is constantly in need of feeding know-how and human capital, and the fourth – investment and venture funds.


Creation of competitive advantages for participants and partners of Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnika” by means of integration of education, science and business.


Commercialization of scientific research results and their implementation on domestic and foreign markets.

Main tasks

• Designing and realization of innovative projects.
• Search of investors and partners.
• Management of innovative developments.
• Establishment and development of innovative companies.
• Promotion and marketing of science-intensive products on domestic and foreign markets.
• Networking with domestic and foreign scientific and industrial organizations.

Benefits of participation

For high-tech companies

• development of technological solutions and creation of competitive products;
• innovative cycle reduction – time of the idea implementation into product;
• risk reduction of non-competitive products creation and manufacturing;
• attraction of competitive specialists for promotion of science-intensive products.

For venture and investment funds

• availability of implemented innovative projects which are ready for promotion on the market;
• availability of innovative projects with incomplete implementation stage;
• innovative developments “bank”;
• profitable fields of developments;
• guarantee of high-technological effectiveness and profitability of the invested developments;
• reduction of the invested funds pay-off period;
• potential of the large-scale end results implementation;
• interaction with the state on the governmental level.

And also:

• transparent interaction scheme between investor and project executers;
• control of investment funds target use;
• control of development and implementation process.

For scientists

• financial and technological conditions for realization and promotion of innovative idea on the market;
• royalty obtaining – remuneration for patented development use;
popularity in scientific and business circles.

For faculties and departments

• preparation and graduation of highly qualified specialists with the experience of practical application of theoretical knowledge;
• development of scientific-laboratory base with the cutting-edge equipment;
• involvement of students and lecturers in innovative business.

For government:

on the national level:

• acceleration of Ukrainian economy innovative development ;
• ceasing of “brain drain”;
• increasing of the nation’s quality of life;
• increasing of foreign investments and export possibilities scale;

on the local level:

• appearance of new workplaces;
• increase of the nation’s income level;
• reinforcement of personnel component of the scientific-technical potential of the region;
• attraction of investments to the region;
• improvement of regional infrastructure.

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