KPI. Conquest of Space

“Cosmonautics has an infinite future and its prospects are boundless, like the Universe itself” – these words of Sergiy Koroliov are of great interest at this time. His far-sighted, incisive mind was able to comprehend all the greatness of cosmic horizons.

Sergiy Koroliov left an invaluable scientific heritage and numerous followers – scientists and engineers, to whom he passed on his knowledge and experience gained while studying at KPI. From 1924 to 1926 he was a student at the Kyiv Polytechnic. And being a recognized designer, he repeatedly spoke about the high-quality engineering training at KPI.

Sergiy Koroliov became one of the founders of the KPI space tradition. For many years the scientists of our University worked and continue to work on ambitious projects and unique designs in the field of space exploration.

Today we have a lot to be proud of: the first two Ukrainian nanosatellites operate in near-earth orbit, microsatellites, ground stations for satellite communication, heat pipes for spacecraft and many other engineering solutions created by scientists of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

The story about how it all began, about the first steps of mankind in space exploration, about outstanding design engineers who became the creators of history, and the role of Kyiv Polytechnic as an innovative platform for the implementation of breakthrough scientific ideas, is narrated in our documentary movie “KPI. Conquest of Space”.

Michael Zgurovsky, Rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

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