European Hydrogen Forum 2021

EUROPEAN HYDROGEN FORUM2021 was held during June 17-18, 2021.

The delegation of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute participated in the virtual event, the number of participants from the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance representing government, industry, and civil society was in total more than 1400.

The aim of the EU Hydrogen Strategy is to increase the use of pure hydrogen in Europe. The strategic plans provide for the installation of 6 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysis cells, the production of up to 1 million tons of renewable hydrogen by 2024, 40 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysis cells, and 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen by 2030. The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is one of the key tools for building the chain of viable investment projects needed to achieve these goals.

The European Commission presented a short content of projects collected for the construction of an investment pipeline for the large-scale use of pure hydrogen and the Hydrogen Public Funding Compass – an online guide to public financing tools at the EU and national levels, that supports renewable and low-carbon hydrogen projects. Management helps stakeholders identify relevant programs and funds and determine which projects they can fund, what type of funding is available and what conditions apply.

Domestic Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said: “After years of successful research funded by the EU, hydrogen technology is now being deployed on a larger scale. The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance has assembled hundreds of projects to introduce reducing and low-carbon hydrogen in Europe. Now we need to work quickly, confidently and at the continental level to deploy these investments and turn technology leadership into market leadership.”

In May, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance assembled nearly 1,000 renewable and low-carbon projects that are members of the Alliance and plan to implement by 2030 to produce nearly 9 million tons of hydrogen, mainly from renewable sources per year. Moreover, the collected projects confirm that the consumption of pure hydrogen will increase on a large scale in the next three to four years, which will help the EU achieve its climate change goals. More information on the European Alliance for Pure Hydrogen can be found

Speeches by Executive Vice President F. Timmermans and Commissioner T. Breton are available online
For Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, participation in the event provided an opportunity to get the most up-to-date information on the development of hydrogen energy in the EU countries, as well as the European Hydrogen Forum 2021 became a platform for finding partners in the EU countries to discuss projects and join efforts, and explore the possibilities of obtaining funding for their hydrogen projects.

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